Thursday, December 13, 2007

better not to compile a program if u r s/w engg ;)

Dear reader,
( as usual good morning/afternoon/eve..)
So you are waiting for my writings about girl friend!!! lol
but I am worried about how to use computer!!!!!
Yeah, at semester 3 only I bought a new computer, AMD athlon 900MHz with integrated graphics accelerator. Thanks to Midhun Mohan, who was(/is/hope will b) great friend of mine. In fact we are from villages, situated nearby (For a village; nearby means it can be 10Km even).
The next thing is loading games and films....... But there was no facility of writing to cd or usb drives. Still we managed to copy things much efficiently
The first film set I saw were Men in black and DumDumDum. ( I am a fan of Jyothika ... ;) )
Because the system is assembled, it gave me immense oppurtunity to open the cpu unit and study the interior. We used to carry hard disk as a medium for sharing, since CD Writer was a precious thing and we were not interested in anything so precious. I do not know y ppl call hard disk portable now. We were using hard disk portable even 7 years back.
Within one month, my hard disk of 20Gb was full with songs, movies and games. I started with games roadrash and two arcade games( hard to recollect names). That together with chating in yahoo, gave me a good speed in mouse and keyboard.
Playing games causes an addiction. Used to start playing from 5oclock to evn 2 o clock in night.

That did help me a lot. The first programing language I studied was Pascal. Thanks to our teacher, that what ever she teaches, I can never get to understand. There were people who already knew C and had programming experience. So they were submitting the programs initially in the lab.
I was thinking, what to do... the time I used to spend in front of comp is more than 8 hrs per day. Then Midhun asked me, why can't you write programs in your system?
I told, hmm its not allowing me even to compile...... if it compiles, then only I can at least try running it to get a rubbish answer. But I was also thinking, "if any bill can write program, y can't me". I found Balagurusami's book , the one which I can keep it safely in dust bin. Instead I got a book written by "venugopal and maya" which taught me errors I can get and lot of sample programs. Inspired by that and the thought that , if I can spend upto 2oclock for games, let me try my luck in programs also.
The first program I written successfully was "date difference" which had around 100 lines of code with 2 procedures.
Bored again..... wait
that brought friendship with a girl.......... because I was getting output for first two labs, she thought I am a great programmer.. poor girl... she asked to join me in lab.
I used to do the programs. We became good friends, which later turned out to be an acquaintance. It was hard to complete all programs in lab, especially the ones with pointers. Then came a rule from a senior teacher, saying that we should take print out from college.
We found an old dot matrix printer in the lab with old bundles of paper which they might bought 4 years back. All were unhappy. When I said, "Sir it's utter useless to print in this paper you are providing, atleast allow us to bring papers" He did not respond, instead reported to senior faculty. Let me call her Mrs AS ( its not ass by the way ). AS came and told me, this is our decision, you are the only 1 having problem. Then I looked back "no 1 was there behind me"

The result was "even though I got output my marks went down to 56/100 in the lab exams". But later I had a very good relation with Mrs AS and now also I continue it.

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