Friday, December 28, 2007

first day@hostel IIT madras

good morning/afternoon/eve dear reader,
So, this is my first post as a student. Student!!!!!!! after three and half years of working, that too as a teacher/resident tutor/network and proxy administrator to 180 degree ulta. I wonder what to say now. Lot of incidents comes to my mind. Like, thre were days in my school where I hardly heard about institutes like IITs and RECs ( or current NITs). I hardly had any idea, what is life going to be in IIT instead of any college in my hometown. Everywhere we study almost same thing, systems are built under government rules. So what could be the difference?
When I was completing my pre-degree, I came across IIT's JEE. Oh, with the sample questions itself I decided, its too far to reach now in 3 or 4 months. I came to know that there were people who started preparation from 10th onwards. God!!!! Crazy ppl. Thats what I felt. When I started B-Tech, in Information Technology, I first saw something called a syllabus. Before that , we have prescribed texts from which we can study. Of course reference books are there for the "hungry" ones. Many of the papers in semester 5 onwards does not even have text books available. When we started searching the keywords, the pages came from IIT Kanpur. We thought, oh we are as equal as one of IIT's. Great..........
Later when I joined as lecturer, I was thinking, what is there in institutes like IIT's which make it so unique. Another question I faced from students, when I switched colleges as a faculty is that " Sir, how is new students? are they better than us? Do you really find somebody like us? etc. I normally reply that, students are students in any college i work. But when I joined BITS, I replied. Ya, there is something I can say, here students are self motivated. I am not saying about all, but majority have good capabilities, good leadership and management skills. The way in which they do things are much more professional than the other colleges in Kerala where I studied or taught.
I was thinking, what could be the reason? What is so special in BITS or now in IIT,which is not there in other colleges. One noticeable thing is that, all these are residential townships with deemed status. But is that the only reason? I know there are many other universities which are deemed and residential, but still did not recognized like IIT's. The other noticeable fact is that IIT or BITS have strong alumni spread across the globe. Still there is some thing more. I do not know I am right, but its my belief that its the attitude as a student that makes the difference. Just being in IIT means, your inner mind also says, hmm I am now part of a prestigious institution in the country. I do have the power" . Yes , I can feel it for myself. That mindset is having enormous power to face anything coming across your way. Probably that is the reason I can say to my reader about difference in IITs and normal colleges.
Apart from all these, let me add something more. As my student Manish says, while he was comparing BITS and IITs. "BITS and IITs are made for different purposes. The atmosphere, the culture, the course structure... everything is different to make you BITSian or IITian." But let me add something more here. All institutions are like that.

There are many local vendors who make shoes, some of them with quality even better than branded ones. But they are meant for different purposes. A local vendor may not be good enough to trade his things to other parts of country. Or he restricted himself to that locality. Just like that, all institutions are good. You are being nurtured in that specific environment. You can not experiment/ go for probation to say which one is best for you. Its you who make your choice the best. Its your attitude to stay like a local vendor or go and compete to any extend.

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lalit said...

Nice work dude...I think u can write book as Chetan Bhagat...carry on...

voodoo said...

cant agree more wid the comment above ...:):)