Monday, December 3, 2007

Incidents creates a new way of life........

Hi to my dear reader,

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Well let me start writing...... this is my first post.....
what is coming to my mind? A lot of things....... I have to order it........ reshuffle it and write it so that you can digest it. It's for you am writing....... well for me also
Have you ever thought of how life and society changes your views? Some time it make views clear, some other time make it blur......or keep it upside down.......... you may wonder "arey vo ulta ho gaya" Yeah, it even make your view just opposite to what you thought earlier.
Let me start with an example!!! me born and bought up in a village in kerala. I never had any idea about what people in city thinks. or what is their culture. When I was travelling through city of trivandrum, viewing University college and library or MLA quarters or secretariat, I used to think, is it for people like me? Will I be able to accept going in an auto for 2KM or hanging around with a girl friend!!

lol that was me when I joined Govt Arts for pre-degree.
When I was preparing for engineering entrance, I never knew that an engineering degree can bring about a lot of change in outlook of a person. In fact what is taught in engineering or what is so much difference in so called "branches of engineering" I could not understand. When I got rank of 988 in entrance, not only me, but my teachers also wondered. For me it was a victory of a new strategy for such exams which brought many successes later.I chose Information Technology, after reading a lot from news papers. But the picture I got from what I read, was not what I found in the actual course. I thanked god, that what I got was much more pleasant than the one which I expected.

I never liked failures in examinations. or never could digest why a person can fail in an exam.
But in engineering, at third semester I got it,I understood what is the mind of a person getting failure in examination. That was really a new taste in my life.
That changed my view about exams completely. From that point onwards I did not care about exams at all
Hmm, boring rt?
what silly things am telling. But it was a turning point.......... There are more..... the answers for change in many view points especially "girl friends" ........ hmm dat's what you are also waiting for na


Nesmel said...

its a great start sir...
lets pour in more content...
we are waiting for the updates on the gi....... oops...!!!

Gireesh said...

hi nesmel, thankzzzzzzzz
hmm, if i write abt you,u may b n trble.... ur wife also will read t yaaar