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Hi reader
well , after a week or so, am back.. with the tour story. In between I got admission in IIT Madras. So next again goin to be a student.
That has nothing to do with the story I am going to tell. This is all about an unforgettable situation in the starting stage of my career as a teacher. Perhaps this is lengthy, but am sorry; I do not want to split it.
May I ask you a question, did you go for outing or tour with your friends?
Its ob. But did you try to co ordinate a tour or accompanied as responsible person?
If so, you know how painful is that job
To make things worse, think something really gone bad!!! That too in a place where you do not even know the language!!! What will trouble you more? To solve main cause or the other problems because of this?
Hmm, here is a version of such incident.

I joined as a teacher, soon after my B-Tech is over. People who go for teaching, after degree in Computer Science or Information Technology, is "rare species". But that was the first job I got. May be I liked the job. Thanks to my guide Mr Ramachandran Sir, who is retired engg from ISRO Trivandrum, who made me in to teaching. He is still a good motivation to me.
Well am not beating on the bush. The first question when I met Principal of the college for my post, was "can you teach Artificial Intelligence?" I was wondered. Is there any thing good in saying no?
I said, I like the subject, and have basic knowledge in it. Yes I can
She said "meet HOD and you can start teaching by next day".
I wondered. Is that an interview? or Is that enough to teach!!!!!
I started with AI for final years and Microprocessor for pre final years. And after a week, of joining, Principal came to see me, and told, Gireesan you are going with the industrial tour with students. There are other 3 faculties , so it is only for just a person in place.
I said "OK".
The journey started with 96 students and 4 staffs. Me and one other male staff and 2 female staffs, all from computer science.
All students were lively. dancing and singing. They never allowed to put a film. That much dey wanted to enjoy. So we reached Bangalore
This hotel does not had any parking for our bus and next day morning we have to leave by 8. to reach other 2 industry in time. But even at 8.30 4 students were not arrived
At 8.40 2 students came. The bus was parked in one way, where its not allowed and police gave sign to leave. So bus started, meanwhile we contacted reception to tell the 2 students to stay back there. But reply was negative, they were already left.
We were stunned. When we reached the industry, phone came from college that we left two students who called college.
We were literally in trouble. And college updated that the students are with their cousin.
After a long talk with them, they came bak and joined us at visweswarayya meusium
I thought trouble was over. Guess you also thought same.
But what I saw was entire 94 students were angry with the 2. That is natural. But it's only second day and that mood really killed the mood in the tour.People started saying about canceling the tour. All were disappointed. Because I was just joined and youngest, other 3 faculties called me and asked me "gireesh if u can make situations better , its a great thing. students will listen to you, coz you are young"
This surprised me. I said, ok leave the students with me. And give me freedom to speak.
They were left with me, with 2 other girls. We 4 sat till other visited the museum.
I asked the other students "you will not ask any thing; I mean ANYTHING to these 2."
And I started speaking to them They complained, about our carelessness, shouted at me. But I said, "ok , appologies, on behalf of all for that incident. Its a mistake. My voice was low, with soft tone. Perhaps that might surprised them. They again started telling "this is worse batch. These people always avoid us ... etc..." Then I asked, why?
They were silent. Then I started speaking. "
See , may be you are my age. I have been alone many a time in college, in my class. It gave me lot pain. Understand it needs lot of courage and support from good friends to get rid of situation when you are being made alone in a class. If you have difference oin opinion , its wrong if you try to oppose majority. Instead present it in a manner they will accept. But be with them, even if you feel you are right and they are wrong.
They were silent and started listening.
That was surprise for others. They were with me till 10 in night. We 5 went out for shopping, they selected dress for me.
we had food together. They went for sleep. Then I called representatives, asked them "strictly no question to them. Share what ever you eat with them. Play with them and do as usual '
They supported me. No one disturbed them. And from 3rd day onwards, as usual
By the time we reached back there was not even a sign of a problem

The teachers, told me "that was great. What you told them or how you managed it we do not know. But it avoided a great query in PTA meeting where we might not have any answer"

I do not want to blame the 2 who were late. Neither I want to say that what we did is correct.

Now what do you think? A major issue is solved will solve everything? Or do we need to re think on what is major issues?

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Nesmel said...

great diplomacy... and a great learning experience too...