Sunday, March 30, 2008


Good morning/Afternoon/Eve dear reader

Let's travel in Chennai metro from Tidal Park/Thiruvanmiyoor to Thirumalai. Hardly 10/12 minutes.
I sat on the window seat, and saw the orange sun going down the dawn. Looking in to that in silence, I wondered; how much the sun rise and set inspires me.

A voice broke the silence "What is there to look at? Girls from Tidel Park? ". Oh I sat like that nearly 2 minutes. "Hm thank you for waking me up. Sorry for boring silence; after inviting you to the journey". "you are welcome. which is the book you read recently, Gireesh?" . "Oh its Notes to myself by Hugh Prather". "What sort of ...?" "It's sort of diary, his writings since he married; and published". "Anything attractive?" "Oooh , ya.. Did not finish it till now, but some of the notes make me feel like I have written it for myself....Hmm..... . when ever I see I am doing it wrong, a part of me wants to keep on doing it in the same way and even starts looking for reasons to justify the continuation".
"What is wrong now? " "Oh, its not mine, its from that book. You know, I read it and became silent for an hour or so. What do you think about these lines?". "May be true. It's you who said, you were in silence for hours, so you tell Gireesh,what you were thinking"
"Hmm, well..... It took me to the quotes of Gandhiji and Alexander Pope. Do you know why it's so peculiar? It gives pain, a lot of pain , not when others see you guilty; but you feel yourself guilty. It actually matches with the lines of Hugh. Even if you feel, you are wrong; at times some thing in you still make you do that. Matters goes worse, when you cross your own ethical believes by doing so. It may bring down your own self esteem, your confidence in you..."
"Oh!! Gireesh... I seldom saw you speaking negative. Why so peculiar about this subject?"
"Hmm... you felt this is negative. Let me finish dear. What I meant is, when you stand in such a situation; you see failures around you. You visualize people laughing at you. People who cared you, saying -I did not expect this from you .. . And you close yourself. You try to forget about the incidents, try to run away from that. Is that all over? May not be. There I saw a different meaning of Gandhiji's quote(or re statement of Jesus Christ's words ; thanks to jeslin for correcting me ) :- hate the sin, but love the sinner. Means try to get back the original you; not to bury you. After all ,as Pope said: -to err is human; and to forgive is divine-your divine part of mind should forgive you; so as the people who care you"
"Oh Gireesh..... I have to take back the word that you went negative.. hmm I too agree. Well let me try to forgive the sin of killing me with your thoughts. We are about to get down. see you another day with another thought. Bye"
"Bye bye my dear reader. Thanks for spending time with me. Meet you some other time. Be prepared to forgive me, because I may do it again and again. Lol ;=) "


diham said...

hello sir!!!

diham said...

nice read, & u r forgiven!!!