Saturday, March 15, 2008

joy of teaching

gdm/gdaf/geve dear reader
I was thinking, what was actually a joy of a teacher? Is it simply a thing like, my student reaches heights, which make me pride? Or is it something like he/she is happily earning and make a living( this make me remember of the saying that "give me a fish, sir ; I will eat for a day. TEACH me how to fish, I will eat for a life time" ). Or is it simply a joy to convey what I know to my students, to use them or not in their future, does not make sense to me!! Is it an inspiration given to the students, to love the subjects I loved?
For me, I guess I have more than these ....... The joy of teaching comes more better not when the student get good marks or got placed in a company or so.. Obviously it's memorable and a kind of joy, I agree.
But there is more to it. I feel that joy more, when my student ; after the long struggles and facing near failures; realizes the concepts as in like a baby walking steadily without support for a distance for first time.
It's the same smile I had years back. The realization of what many walked before him/her enjoyed.
Once a student has such a smile, I will be more happy when he/she improvises it to see the world more better, to interpret the non spoken language of the world.

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