Friday, May 30, 2008

free talks are not so "FREE".. (inspired from movie Before SunRise )

Well; dear reader.

This time its some what unspoken things ( or may b I am oustspoken)
Yet I felt, I should write about it. Wondering what the hell is this !!!!
If you have not watched movie "before sunrise" please do watch it.
Here is a quote from it.

Guy...."But being with's made me feel like I was somebody else.I mean, the only other way to lose yourself like that know, dancing...or alcohol...or drugs, or stuff like that".
Guy...."Fucking, yeah. That's one way."

For the people who did not watch it, its a conversation between a male and a female who met in train, got down at a station and was talking about what is called "FREE TALK"

Okay, let us come back. As a viewer of the movie, you will really enjoy it; you admit its one of the best romantic movies. Even if you have not seen the movie, you may accept , its coming from free flowing mind. Ask yourself a question here, how many of you have the guts to talk like this?
I have seen many people "so called best friends, or blah blah........". Yet if it's a male and a female, at least people around me; I hardly seen/heard of any one.

Now it's about much more simpler things about "free talk"
I happened to hear some warnings in this regard especially when I was teaching and major section was of girls. "Gireesh, be careful while talking. There are people who may take it in the other way if you talk more, to them. It's eazy to get a bad name". I was wondering, I did not even talk anything like above, but even talking to girl students; can make bad name for me.

As a teacher I used to spend a lot of time with people who accept my company, I do not eve care it's girl/guy. If it's not in a campus or in official hours, at times it may be personal and I may talk freely of my view about anything in this world. At times after the conversation; I get comments from my students saying that "sir, we all enjoyed and we know very well ;this freedom is only for this much moment. Tomorrow in class you won't be like this". The same person who enjoyed talking freely(lol - again freely) may advice me like above in starting of this paragraph; if (s)he was not there in part of another conversation.
So, what do you think wrong with people? The same people accept the first few lines/the film turns back to be in the other way!!!! If so, who is putting the mask by saying "I can talk anything freely to you"
If you think I am right, please do comment

See you in your comments
and Will be back with another thought in some other time
Till then
Bubye and Take care

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Nesmel said...

Times something that changes every moment..(you may call it by any specific measures-seconds, microseconds....), the way we behave ( talk, act, move,..) also changes every moment.
a quote that i always cherish "You can't change the Past but you can ruin a perfectly good Present by worrying about the Future"
think and talk Freely....