Saturday, May 31, 2008

Suicides are Homicides of Society

Dear reader
This is again about Suicide in IIT. Now at IIT Kanpur. And it's not a partly cooked up story this time,but a real time chat with my student manish and as per his wish, its posted as such
May be its so long, but its my blog and you are free to read it or skip........
(Excuse me for editing a few lines to hide the personal details of others involved )

me: so vodooo
whats up at home? any more paintings?
8:10 PM manish: hello sir !!
not really ...
ohh btw ..i forgot to upload my painting >>!!
i ll do it ..
howz life at ur end !
back to books !
me: back 2 books, movies
8:11 PM 2day morning at 3 am , a new blog ;)
manish: kewlw ..
pass on the link!
was reading this ...
8:12 PM me:oh that story is really stupid, cooked up may b
i mean the suicide
manish: hmm ..jus imagine her fathers state
its a NEWS
not a story !
me: really coz of failing in 2 sub, make a girl suicide?
8:15 PM manish: and nyways of my frnds ..gave me the news
on fone . shez at iitk
8:16 PM read the comments !
me: hmm reading
8:17 PM but does it match atleast to what i wrote? the situations here?
manish: lolz ob not .. but it culd b
8:18 PM some other factors as wel but then . the suicide not . note *
clearly says was the failure in the last sem xams .. that made her attempt suicide
me: may b, but think about the side of professor or , let me post it as another blog lol
8:20 PM manish: haha yeah sure .. that wuld b interesting !
me: no one other version f the same story ; as a teacher, the most iritating thing u know, is to teach the ppl of finl sem..i really wanted at times, to ban the whole campus placement bulshit
manish: hahah :D
me: the students have feeling that they are in some other level
manish: understandable ! :D lolz
8:22 PM me: 90% of dem does not even care about any classes and again there s pressure in the professor
i wont blame a prof putting a grade worth for a student who does bad and deserve only E or F
manish: aree everything is .. understandable .but FAILING A STUDENT IN THE LAST SEM and withholding his/her degree how fair is that ?
me: that s as a student
manish: cmon ..the gal .DID PASS ALL THE SUBJECTS in the past 3 1/2 years right?
me: do yu believe that the companies HR managers gave feedbacks saying that
manish: he could have given a E ?
8:24 PM me: the moment we give offer letter at sem 6/7 , we find quality and enthu of studying has gone from students, which we clearly wont expect... that attitude is realy killing, but we r n need of 1000, when available is 100 ...
8:25 PM manish: that is K ! but still u CANNOT justify ....
8:26 PM me: my question is why do she fall in last sem
manish: withholding a person s degree
me: why she was not even eligible for A
manish: hey cmon ..
me: or B
manish: its NOT always ..abt the student !
me: why compromize in last se for E
manish: no ..btw ..being frm BIO SCIENCES .. i dont think was the case of getting lax after gettin her placement sumtimes...u just cant help!
me: there is some other thing wrong
manish: ohh ..u r taught 48 subjects in 4 yrs !
me: so like others
manish: u cant like ALL THE SUBJECTS ! ohh cmon ...the same prof wuld have FAILED OTHER STUDENTS AS WELL!
me: still all 48 sub, i bet are bearable to get an average marks , if u try
manish: just that ..she committed sucide . so ..has to face all the limelght !
me: its only a reason she wrote.....dere are a lot more gone wrong before this
manish: yeah ! ABSOLUTELY ! it wasnt just this ONE THING wich wuld have made her ...
8:29 PM me: c , dere s an incident where i might have saved a girl's life
manish: give away her life !
manish: hmm ?
me: as a teacher, i know how student s ... hw (s)he shld respond to a question i ask it can be better but if its worse than i expect
8:30 PM means, something going wrong... i was doing a viva voce and i asked 2 questions, she ddnt said a singl word in reply...
8:31 PM i said something like this.. "well we will talk later.... i wan 2 c u right after the lab....u r not seems to b k"
now am givn u a grade which s average ....go and relax that was S8 student
manish: hmm ..
8:32 PM me: what she told was bit ......she said its 3 months since she called home...
manish: OMG
8:33 PM me: and at home dey fixed her mariage evn she dont wan 2 do dat either. she dont want to hurt that person, who supposed 2 marry her... dat also she dont know to continue by just ditching de family.. literally she was crying
8:34 PM manish: ohh
me: u know dis s the same for an average family... basically a middle class family will always think in dis line only
8:35 PM manish: hmm
8:37 PM me: I asked her to go for a counselling and for my relief ; she agreed & hmm, dat story had a happy ending, she got married toa person who makes lakhs per month... now well settled. Both working..
manish: hmm lolz lolz
me: hmm, may b in diff situation think, if i just gave her internal marks of what she deserve from that lab xam
and no counselling
manish: hmm right that wat i wish to point out..
me: u c, failing in xams is only result
manish: the profs never knw of wat a student mayb goinng thru on a personal
me: of something lse going wrong
8:41 PM manish: i guess excuse . once or twice .. is possible ofcorse ..no1 is asking to award an A but u can atleast do by .. giving the minimum passing grade! and yup ..
me: if she screwed up all.........coz of some reason lije tis, messed up with prof
8:42 PM manish: as the comments say .. the profs ..almost NEVER CARE abt nything but .. how well u do in xam .. i know of profs .. who failed a guy his final sem xams jus coz ...the prof came to know .
8:43 PM of his MBA PLANS ! he was a chemical guy . the prof ..thrashed him during his final sem project presentation.. the prof said.. i kno u have other plans .but i wont let u off soo easily ..
8:44 PM he rather branded him a TRAITOR ~! the prof was ..pissed beyond boudaries ..that after availing the best
chemical education in the country he was .... going to pursue na MBA ! lolz that delayed his degree for a YEAR ! jus imagine the frustation ....of the guy ?.
8:45 PM well ..btw in this case .he boldly stood up ..and QUIT the IIT it was IIT KGP he doesnt has an IIT degree ..!! and is a freelance WRITER ! these days !>. i ll pass on his blog link to u sumtime :)
me: hmm
8:46 PM manish: and yes he is veryyy SUCCESSFUL ! today ! and feels ...he did the right thing !
me: being successful in life has nothing to do with DEGREE from IIT r any fucking insti
manish: EXACTLY ! but then ..such kinda happening .. seem to b a routine
8:47 PM me: u know, if she has passed that one moment of suicide
manish: in some of the IITs ? happenings*
me: she may b one who cant b defeated
manish: i know that ! its just ONE WEAK MOMENT ! if u can hold thru that ..
me: the darkest hour comes before sunrise
8:48 PM if it get off, u know u r better than that moment at any other point of ur life that wisdom can bring a lot more than what u could b
manish: hmm but then ..not every1 is strong enuf .. but does thaat justify ..
me: i shall blame the system again
8:49 PM manish: losing a precious life ! yeah the comments ..
me: not iit bullshit
manish: they have just started pouring in ..
me: see these shouts last for a few weeks
manish: the IITians r pointing out the same !
me: especially in iit am telling about whole society
8:50 PM manish: hmm rite.
me: at first its parents to tell child that winning a certificate is everything ; dey will b screwed not geting degree for child dan losing her who is putting pressure here at first ; the parents their prestige deir ego
manish: mayb NOT ! how can u say .its the parents ? more often than NOT .. its NOT the parents !
me: my father said, its not winning , but the attitude to win s more important
8:52 PM if my parents never said, let u fail , only suffer u for a while , u have years left to make a more succefull life i might not have gone to engg so first u need is faith that ppl will accept u as U , even if u did somehting wrong
8:53 PM manish: hmm rite
me: "something wrong" s not going to b with u alll the life, u shld realise, u could be better dats called faith in society faith in the system am living
8:54 PM that s what a parent/a teacher/ a friend has to ensure to each one dey are interacting
8:55 PM its not the grades, not the fortune company job, or other f** shits so important
manish: hmm .. right .!!
now jus copy paste .and that would make a wonderful blog entry !
me: its feeling that, am me, and if i do wrong, i could b better and who ever with me will suport me
8:57 PM me: well, u really wan me to post this as such ... a conversation?
manish: u can !


you are patient enough to read the whole story, to reach this line. If so thank you very much.
As usual
See you with some other stories
till then
Take Care


Lekshmi SreeRaj Nair said...


It is a bit of sad news, isnt it?

I am sure getting a degree or a campus placement is of prime importance in life. And we have had several stories of the same kind - when the SSLC results coem out, when board exam results are announced, and for all sorts of entrance exams!

But then, even if you know thats not the ultimate, people around you wont spare you! May not be your parents - its the society you are in and the unwanted INTERFERENCE they have on your life - isnt it?

You mentioned about the middle class family culture - isnt it kind of same with all classes to an extent? But, its changing with exposure to world I guess!

Gireesh said...

middle class attitude is not about education , but about marriage....
I mean early marriages. I believe someone getting married right away from education is kind of early marriage. He/She should at lest try to work for sometime, earn for themselves.
I was mentioning about situation in India's premium institute. It does not have facilities to take care of pressure and tension of students.
It's supposed to have proper counseling system. That way it's sad.

Gireesh said...

After 2 years from this post, another one!!!!@iit madras...
this is the third one I know of, in past 2.5 years