Sunday, November 16, 2008

About short Journeys

I do not know when I started liking short journeys...
I used to travel for an hour or so from my village to town. At first, it was boring. Too much rush as it's only bus which reaches city at around 8.30. The add on advantage is that massaging comes free with it.

This was the time I realised that I can not do anything but sleep and fall in to shoulder of next person sitting beside me( getting a seat is a rare case... so people are lucky enough not to carry my head during their travel). Better options were to see whether some charming faces turns up, each time the bus stops or to kill the person standing beside me with my talk. That also became boring after some time. Things changed, when search was for something else. That became the best time to observe what others are doing. The subject of their discussion or the way in which they talk or watching the little children crossing the road, new construction work by PWD (public waste department) doing destruction work for the road sides. There were days where I saw trees cut down and new buildings coming up. Also it's fun to watch people struggling to get out of the bus through the rush, making pain to people standing on the way.

hmmm, that kind of travel makes me feel I am living. You can not engage in your official work/studies nor can do play any games. That is the time I can just think.
Such trips helped to perceive moments of life.
More better way to say/see it is "each journey is different" and beautiful in one way or the other, so as each day, each moment of my life.


Lekshmi SreeRaj Nair said...

That was a good piece of thought. I wont call an hour of bus journey 'short'. I used to be terribly bored and many times u would be squezzed to death in the rush hours!
The pictures. How did you manage to get them now? haha

Nesmel said...

Life's such a short journey after all...!!!