Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 Million Minutes and 1.13 billion people

This is after watching a documentary screened first time in India at IIT Madras "2 Million Minutes". Produced by Bob Compton, the documentary and various clips screened world wide is about cross examination of education system and trends in India, China and US.

It was very interesting to see how culture differences impact a lot in the ambition and outlook of children. At times I wondered how bad/good is our system compared to other countries in education. Similar thoughts were expressed in previous posts about differences in systems of education in India one year back. The point I understood after this nice video was that, for undergraduate education; somehow the curriculum is good. We knowingly or unknowingly study foundation subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics mainly whereas in US it's insignificant.
When coming to higher education, that is major trouble for our system. We study things mainly of interests of others. We do not choose anything, but merely follow what we see in our vicinity, what our parents/elders/ neighbors are. We hardly analyze at age of 21 or above, what we our heart wants. Probably that is what is lacking in the system. We need better reformers and campaigns from people who proved the best in the world who are Indians to make others know the value of "making our own decisions and learn from failures rather than simply fail and give up" culture.
(Image source "teach india" times of india)

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