Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hurt enough to feel it's presence

Any guess about the theme I am going to discuss, from it's title? Let me guess. You may be guessing that someone got hurt, perhaps me. Also about the pain of that wound. You are right. But this is something more. I was thinking how much effort is there to make things NORMAL which I ignore normally. Now you may be asking me, what the h... happened which made me think like that? Or what is not normal now?
As I said, I got hurt. Hurt enough to feel it's presence. I mean, the presence of my big toe. ( thanks to goole in helping me 2 find the right word- big toe). I never realized that so much effort was done by that "big toe" along with others which made me walk normal. I was playing shuttle badminton and while saving one drop near the net, it supported my whole body weight for a second along with my left hand and got twisted. And now after 24 hours, it still pains. It's just an announcement, a notification to me that "I have done enough work to make you stand/walk properly" and you did nto notice my efforts. Now you see, I can't do my work for a couple of days, you feel that it's painful".

Well, it's same everywhere. When somebody get hurts (s)he first tries to hide it. But all on a sudden sometimes it comes out to hurt others. Sometimes it will be simple enough that, if you treat properly for a day or two that wound will go off till next time (s)he got hurts. At times it can create total chaos also. Same feeling came when I saw movies AAmir and A Wednesday. Both tell us how people can act differently when get hurt. If they are hurt enough to feel the presence for others, it can pain others, can change the "NORMAL" state of working to a chaotic one.
For my finger, I could figure out a rest of two days MAY heal it. But human minds may not work in that way. Even in case of family situations I personally feelits same. When a member is reacting (or acting) indifferently; is blaming a better option over trying to find out what is going on behind screens and avoid such incidents later.
You are partially right if you guessed that I am trying to discuss the Mumbai
massacre . It could be the same.
( People cool off at popular Chowpatty Beach, with the Nariman Point business district in the distance :Courtsy National Geographic)
(Gateway of India: It was so calm and so beautiful when I took this photo)

Someone got hurt and the response was totally abnormal for us. Thinking in this line tells me that healing the wounds is what we should look forward ( which obviously is a herculean task when there are people who always tries to take gain over the situation- like cutting the branch of tree (s)he is sitting)
Now the million dollar question... who got hurt?

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