Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is it OK?

This time topic is about a simple thing. Often simple/silly things are more annoying. I bought 2 trousers from Pantaloon factory outlet. The bottom has to be altered before using it. The rate of alteration at that shop was 10INR. But tailor was on leave, so because of laziness to go again I took the pants. There is a small tailoring shop near the gate where I have given it for alteration. The tailor did not mention any rates. Naturally my assumption was that, it must not be greater than Showroom rates.

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Rest you can guess if I am writing the post. When I went there for getting pants back, the rate told was 20INR per pants. "It's ridiculous", I replied to the tailor. He said "this is normal rate". It's normal for him, but quite abnormal for me.
There were 2 more clothes I have given for patch work. Total it was 60 and he said "OK, give 50INR". I was quite annoyed. After a dare look at him I gave money and said "this kind of Plundering won't bring any good to you".
That was a curse. It came from the anger. It's not because I was not ready to give money, but because I never felt a 2 minute job for him with hardly a rupee investment can take 20INR. It's Chennai, metro city. Still I felt that there is a limit something can be priced.

There are so many occasion where you spend money, which is extravaganza. Like, I can eat food from my home where making 4 chapatis and curry will take 20 minutes and hardly 20INR. Same thing, in * hotel will take 30INR and may not be as good as you make it at home. Plus waiting time is around 20 minutes.
If it's **, waiting time and bill rate increases. Question is "why I am not annoyed in that occasion but got annoyed by this simple thing?"

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I don't know. Instead of being angry, giving a curse; I should have told the tailor that "get a pant from Pantaloon for your son and keep this extra 10 for alteration of that".
Curse is always disturbance to both parties... Next time , hop I will do the other way.


Nesmel said...

call it the angry despair of the middle aged man...!!!

Arun Augustine said...

i was reminded of the anecdote about Gandhiji when he asked the white man who kicked him with a boot in a first class compartment in South Africa "did it hurt you feet?"