Tuesday, January 6, 2009

God, who will pay the taxes for me now?

How many times you heard/found things others say about you which you DARE to dream even!!!!
I had so many such funny incidents, including usual talk such as "my marriage is fixed......... I am already engaged............ " But this time it is more than even imagination.
One of the colleges which I worked is famous for "strictness" and the principal is known to be "legally straight". One "urvasi's curse" happened at that college was training on RHCE ( RedHat certification) which was 5 day course. I was (un)fortunate enough to be a part of that. It's quite common in private colleges to force faculties for such things. But here there was an agreement that if we stay in college for an year, we do not have to pay; else I have to pay something around 12K.(One of memorable moments in teaching. It was taken without my knowledge...curtsy : Chandrakanth)
I have undergone 5day intensive sleeping course and asked to teach the same to poor final year students.
After an year I was FORCED to pay that money back which was against the "line on water" agreement. A notice came to department on which it was written something similar to "Since you have trained a batch, you may pay ONLY 6000Rs. which can be paid in one time or as installments of 3"
I have to say that it was almost one month salary of mine they offered me when I joined.
The same management now pays 15ooo+ to me for free ( I mean 2 years after resigning from that college, the salary reports from that college has my name). Surprised?
Me too!!!
In fact I am confused that I have to submit income tax returns for this financial year, that too without even hearing or imagining about such a sum paid in my name).
(Disclaimer: This is purely based on a file I received recently which contained salary statement of the entire staffs in that college. I trust the source. You may trust it or not, it's your wish)

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