Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why did not you complain?

After a gap, welcome back with a new topic!!!

Every incident is interesting. Instead of thinking of a situation if we think why such a situation; the reasons will be strange!!!! Those who already thought and asked such things often hear "that is the way it is / world is like that........"
So, here is such a situation. In our lab, we have an Air Conditioner. In chennai's "COOL" weather, especially in march time, it stops. Do not think that is the only time it stops, It stops like microsoft windows . You never know what was the reason and at times it comes back of its own. Last week it stopped cooling the air. I opened the doors and windows. Our lab has a partition, section 1 where I work and section 2 where AC is still running. They closed their door to our section, because our AC is off. (But if it was the other way, I hardly see them closing that door).

My friend and senior, Padmanabhan asked me "Gireesh, tell .........sir, he is taking care of this". I said " why shoud I? It hardly runs for a month. Every time we have to "inform" and the cycle repeats. Instead I am happy to work with open doors and windows. If someone else wants to complaint; they can go ahead. AFter a day, the information reached the layer above us. It is not by a complaint, but by seeing that doors of lab are open. AC people came after a day. They saw the AC, went back. We continued with doors open and in fans, for a day more. AC people came, worked for an hour. Then they closed the doors and said it is working. They left immediately.

After 15 minutes, I felt the real effect of AC with heavy sweating. The next level person came. I told him "there is no change". He said, "you should have asked them to wait for some time to see it is working". I said, "oh, but why? Why can not the system has an option to recover such situations where a service provider does not work properly; can not be punished. He said "that is the way it is. I am doing what ever possible". I said "ok, sir please write down how many times AC people has been called, how many phone calls and man- hours spent to repair and how many days it worked. In an year we will get nice statistics". Lol. Now a question to the reader " will you ask me, why do not you complain" when next time AC goes off.
In malayalam there is a saying "kannadach iruttakkuka"; means " you close your eyes and say everything is black". Every one knows that this is the way AC reparing works. Every one knows that AC will go off in weeks. So this is a routine. I just tried to change routines. You may find similar things. The system will make fun of you. If you ask a question reply will be " what I can do". You can either laugh at the system or complain. I always like the first one. What a bout you?

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Viji said...

kannadach iruttakkua = close ur eyes and say "its dark"... not black!! :-)