Saturday, April 18, 2009

The kind of integrity

There is this saying "where there is a will, there is a way". Of course there are n number of ways. Question is, when to choose what. When I was a kid, I used to listen to one of my uncle (who is the youngest in his generation in my family). He asked me, "if we walk in dark, what is the first thing you will observe?" I said, "I do not know, may be the sound of metal, or that of the chappals". He said, "you hear it, but the one you observe is the light. Now suppose you are walking in light, what will you observe?". I said "may be bright light, or darkness" He said, "different colours of light" .What difference it makes in choosing the way is the one which keeps your integrity. I do remember many murmuring in my back about my decision to be a teacher "oh he is crazy. Why not a job in S/W company?" Neither those who asked nor those who got s/w jobs knew what is going on in s/w company". At that moment why I choose it, was not just because I got only that job. In fact I never felt I was up to anything or what I wanted to be. When I chose that profession, I found I am enjoying it. May be my students have a difference in opinion that I am too boring, lol.
What made me to come up to IIT was just my way of taking things as such. When I hear positive comments that "oh you are doing good , great to c you in iit, oh geek, computer guru" what I feel is a kind of pity. I am not a geek or genius. I just do what I feel like doing, trying to make sure that it does not create trouble to someone else.
Many a times I have seen very talented people who gave up things for their family, or because they are confused of what to do, who should have come to IIT to serve our country better, to make themselves better. At times we find ourselves in a dilemma, to go in a path which is very clear or ignore the catcalls and go ahead in our own way.

How would we know whether the path is right? Well, I do not know. If you have choosen the path from your heart, it is your responsibility that you make yourself right. For me, I do not judge anything like that. When recession came, people says "what I did is right" which was wrong sometimes back. It is an exercise for their tongue to tell, and it is for us to decide what they have to tell. If you find colours in the way, enjoy it; else make colours so that you and the next one follows you will also enjoy.
Last but not least, I would like to quote the last paragraph from Surely you are joking "i have just one wish for you, the good luck to be somewhere where you are free to maintain the kind of integrity, where you do not feel forced by need to maintain your position in organisation or financial support or so on to loose your integrity......"

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