Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How (not) to apply for Tatkal Passport- Part1

By this time I am confident enough to write many how(not) tos'. As I have written about how not to complain when AC is not working, this is second one in that series.
Here is the story.
I wanted to take a tatkal passport. I went to passport-gov-india website. Nice work. They have given information on everything you need to apply. Also an online application submission, which gives me time and date at which I have to be present in passport office for document verification. WowWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!! That was my first impression.
The tatkal scheme page says "The applicant also has the option to obtain a passport under Tatkal Scheme on submission of three documents from the Fourteen documents as mentioned below" . I have 4
  1. Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC)
  2. Income Tax Identity (PAN) Cards
  3. Student Identity Cards issued by Recognized Educational Institutions
  4. Driving Licenses
So I filled the online form. Got the appointment with date and time. Went to notary to get a notary-affidavit.
Then in the passport faq , question 13 "I am a student staying away from my parents. Where do I apply for passport and what proof of residence shall I have to furnish?" answer is "In case you are studying and staying in Bangalore , you can either apply to the Passport Office Bangalore or in the Passport Office in whose jurisdiction your parents’ address (permanent address) "
Documents in support of student are bonafide certificate from institute and warden's letter as proof of residence.
My seniors told me, please go early at around 8 at passport office, there is tatkal line and stand there. I went and stood there. By that time there were at least 40 people in front of me.
One girl tried to directly enter in to line's front, we protested. She was smart, the sweeper there managed to get her to the front of the row in the C,D,E,F counters there. (Oh my god, even the sweeper there is wonderful)
It took3 hours of standing to reach in front of the line. By the time I learned that there is an order in which the documents to be arranged which was not there in F**Q. And I submitted the application.
The passport officer saw my degree certificate "Kerala University", then he looked for identity proof, he simply said "get signature from some one who is in rank of under secratary". I asked "why not the option B?" . "Oh option B requires LOCAL address proof, 1 year LOCAL bank account statements, water bill, phone bill, electricity bill... long list of bills. I had print out of the F*Q and all, but he left his chair and so many waiting.
I am using core banking. So how will it give local address proof?
I have PAN card, where did it mention an address?
I have Voter ID which is taken at my native place.
I have driving licence, which is from Kerala.
Why should I have phone
I left the office at 11.15 with mission that can I get "UNDER"secratary signature.. As per my knowledge, there is no one I can directly call. I tried my friends. But why their bosses should sign a statement that (s)he knows me and there is no problem in issuing the passport.
No one including the professors could help me ( If it is project implementation or some VIP visit at department, I have seen the enthusiasm in their faces. Same I did not see in any of the professors for finding a VIP for me. Great!!!!)
Got no from my friends also. I am of my own!!!
The passport act clearly differentiate LOCAL with normal.
Where does PAN card says address?
I mailed Regional Passport Officer chennai, after going through entire passport act, for clarification of the magic behind "Identity proof to LOCAL address proof". As expected, no reply.
"Indian online appointment is still a myth" and "rules can change beyond the understanding and expectations of common man"

So, I decided to try it in native, because rules "says" I can get it from native.
To be continued in next post, part 2.


Nesmel said...

why don't you try giving an RTI petition to know about the details ?

Sudeep said...

Yeah ...

Anonymous said...

Not a surprise at all.... The website once said the online appointment system only a trial service.
Have you tried to get a postpaid airtel mobile? You will write ten more pages than this. (I have passport, local bank account for more than four years, HR letter from my company, credit card, and others)

To your kind information, go to POST OFFICE and pay 250 rs, and they can issue an ID proof/address proof locally. This is a valid document but not sure accepted by RPO.

All the best.

Gireesh said...

daaa, rti has to be accepted by this same RTO whom I mailed. If i want to meet him/her personally, that s another long procedure.

@anonymous: that is a good information. I got my passport from Trivandrum, which is another interesting story. I will post it soon
Thanks for your support

Kris said...

Did you get your passport finally? how many days did it take?

Gireesh said...

Pl see the next post :D
Once I could argue back; I got it in 4 days

Anonymous said...

u know.. actually, that under-secretary thing is mentioned in the website, under annexure f..

Anonymous said...

Hi!!!originally i am from mizoram. i jus graduated from bangalore. i want to apply for my passport. i have applied for passport during summer vacation in my hometown. i couldnt completein a week so i was asked to come back the next week. i did, to my utter surprise they said i cannot submit the forms as they started using a new application form..wtf..they have asked me apply it again right from the start....... now am back in bangalore...tell me an easy way out...really need your help...cause all my adress proof are from my hometown if i apply through tatkal, the jurisdiction will be guwahati...

Gireesh said...

I dont know any direct way other than asking someone in the undersecretary rank

Find out someone who knows you and is working in central govt ,other than military.
Military employees are forbidden from giving copies of their id proof.

His/her sign with anexure f will help to get the passport in tatkal