Friday, September 4, 2009

How to apply for Tatkal Passport

Thanks to the responses for the previous post on how not to apply for tatkal passport. This time it is the other way. As you know, I found it is not good to struggle at Chennai for passport because filing RTI and meeting RPO appeared a difficult task. So I filled another online form to Trivandrum passport office. All the documents I hold contain same address, my home address. I expected similar behavior of standing in the queue from morning, though my time was written 2PM. But the security told me, online application processing is done only in afternoon. In between I came to know that there is a yellow file which we have to buy and the shops opposite to passport office will arrange everything in the yellow file so that I can submit the application directly. For my case, even they were confused. I am staying at Chennai and applying at Trivandrum. I filled two extra forms for Police verification, one set for native and one set for Chennai.
At 2 I went upstairs of passport office. It was not long queue as that of Chennai. But apparently when I reached in front of the queue, it was 4.15. The madam who verified the documents told me, "the certificate from an institute is more valid than even a declaration in front of notary or other proofs for identity, and you are holding institute identity card, so we will issue the passport. Please get signature from Senior Passport Officer (SPO).

Lol . Another queue and I met SPO at 4.45. He simply said "you are hiding the details that you are staying at Chennai". I said "of course not. I have submitted the letter from warden that I am residing at so and so hostel and so and so number for past 1.5 years". He said "then you apply through Chennai passport office". I felt "oh god, the same old story of Shankar" ( For non mallus, we use the term "shankar again on coconut tree" to express that after so many struggle to change situation it remains same or went back to its old state). I said "sir, it is not possible; I am native of Trivandrum, I do not have magical 3 address proof at Chennai". Then he says "then you are not eligible for tatkal passport. You come with signature of Rural SP of Trivandrum and Chennai SP, I will issue a passport". I said in mind, "oh If I could get one signature from Chennai, Chennai passport office will give passport. Now it is two". He wrote "normal " on the application file, means accept the application as normal.
I came out, then spoke to the madam who verified the document and I was bit confused. I do not know if I have to get prior appointment for meeting RPO or so. Then She told, "no need son, anyway you came up to here, you just get in to his room and tell the problem. We will see". That was a great relief to me. Kind of an angel from nowhere. When I met RPO it was 5PM. Straight away I said "Sir, I am a student of IITM. I could not apply for Tatkal passport from Chennai because I do not have three address proofs. I have gone through entire passport act and the web site. It says I can apply from my native also. But that gentleman is telling that I am not eligible. Please tell me why I am not eligible, sir". He looked at me, then took the application and gone through all the documents and said "who told you that you are not eligible; you are eligible. But you need a notary declaration from Trivandrum; not from chennai." I said "Sir, the documents says notary certificate in your region. So I thought it was at the jurisdiction I am staying." He said, "no it is the jurisdiction of this passport office. You can come any time tomorrow, meet me, I will approve the application, by producing the new notary form". I said "Sir, please write it over the file, currently it is written normal". He did that. I left the office with joy.
The next day I found a notary. At Chennai, I spent 250 Rs. for it for a declaration on non judicial stamp paper of 20 Rs. and notary stamp of 10Rs. In Trivandrum the rule is to have paper of 50Rs, with notary stamp of 50RS., notary fees of 150 and typing charge 50. Total 300Rs. I was not in surprise this time. If ID proof can change to address proof, this is a minor change. More funny part was the way in which the notary made me sign the bill. He wrote everything except the bill amount, and asked me to sign. We both know in mind that it is just formality. Then he wrote something in the bill and kept it and asked me 150Rs. I was laughing in mind. The standard rate for a notary is only 15Rs.( If you want to verify please visit and search for affidavit) which I know. But why my face was pleasant, that fool will never understand.
Anyway I got the passport application approved and in two days I received the passport.
If you think the story is over, I should say no. Two weeks back police verification came at home. Policeman asked to see me with all the documents I have submitted. I never understood why. My current address is at Chennai. They are supposed to verify only that my permanent address is correct. When I was going, my seniors and other people told, give him money. I said "let me see". I went and met the police officer. He verified all the documents, and address proof. Then asked "what should I write for the question is this person staying at this address for past one year". I said, "write that I am at IIT Chennai, staying at so and so address and under so and so police station". He said ok and I left.

So, that was the story of my tatkal passport. Your comments are welcome

There was a point raised by my friend. She told "warden's letter is not a valid address proof for tatkal". I should say that "address proof for a passport application is same irrespective of tatkal or normal and for students, that is the best thing available".
Another valuable information is that "I can get an address proof by paying Rs. 250 to our post office". Thanks to the person who suggested it.

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jiya said...

Good One Gireesh :) Finally you wrote something which dint make me feel like 'oh why do you have to write all these things' :P (NOM...Keep posting :))
The cat and mouse story is also nice.

Nesmel said...

Shankaran in the old coconut tree LOL
nice informative article. though the conclusion was not decisive.. should guys like you get it from their native or place of stay... perplexed... !

Anonymous said...

Not many used to reveal these stories; kudos to u.
All are governed by same rule, you too. Why didnt you get the passport after completing btech? U got plenty of time at native to do that. Being a iitm graduate i feel really pathetic that you did only a crisis management. Atleast for future you shuld have a better planning in good time line. I dont want to discourage you but my comments may do if i write the answers for the questions in your mind...
Wishes ... An intimate stranger.

Gireesh said...

@ jiya... thanks.. perhaps you may b able to tell me what difference this has with other posts.
@nesmel : the post may not serve the purpose for applying for tatkal, but it is a friendly warning of what to expect.
When you approach place you stay, you need 3 address proof or a signature from some one in IAS cadre. Or if you go to native, you need to argue if you want to get things done.

@anonims: All are governed by same rule. But the way people interpret rule or translate is like "sanskrit to mother tongue". Multiple meanings.

Why I did not apply when completed btech. Why should I?. What crisis I was in now? What planning ? Plan for how to give bribes and where to give?

I write for my pleasure and if someone finds this post useful, let it be. If you comment with an open heart, that is a good information. Else it is just some words which should go to waste basket after reading

Anonymous said...

Hey Gireesh, could you tell me more about getting this address proof from Post Office, I want to get a Tatkaal Passport you have a cell phone number..mine is +919272733255

Gireesh said...

Following are comments from one gentleman for my previous post
"To your kind information, go to POST OFFICE and pay 250 rs, and they can issue an ID proof/address proof locally. This is a valid document but not sure accepted by RPO."
My suggestion is , if some1 in central govt organization know u and has salary specified n option A , go for it.

veeraraghavan said...

Hi, Girish,
Your post really helped me. B'cos nowhere is the amt for a non-judicil stamp paper specified. It is assumed that all indians are born with this knowledge much like the salmon which knows when to travel from the river to the sea.Unfortunately, i am not the regular indian and i was very confused. But i can tell u one thing. ur iitm helped you. They set a lot in store for a degree like that.
and i agree with the fact that i wish i knew to when , how and through what interpretation of signs should i know to bribe, that too sureptiously. this is something that should be taught in our curriculam like this story of oliver twist who is taught to pick pockets. Since this is an accomplished art, maybe we should go for advanced courses in this.

Gireesh said...

I did not bribe any1 to get anything till now. I hope I will not be put to any such situation as well.
It was a coincidence that while I was writing my new blog on these topics, your msg came.

Thanks for the feedback.