Saturday, December 26, 2009

FAQ NAQ and Fermat's last theorem

!!!! Milestones!!! Coincidence!!! Moments I missed!!!

Last saturday was 19th December. Completed two years after enrolling as MS student!!! What did I learn from this great Institution? I can not clearly number them and sort in any priority. One thing is certain. I learned!!! Learned to observe the nature!!! As my friends used to say; "you are in forest; your home". Yeah; it is true. home away from home. And what did I do? I tried to capture the moments for my friends; current and the future; to enjoy a few of the moments of mine with the newly added hobby "photography".
Hey Gireesh
how did you get in to IIT?
It is a place of GEEKS na?
How much salary people earn after IIT?
Is it like 5.Some1?
You people don't sleep; eh? Oh ya you always sleep n lab na?
Is the current research happen to be bird watching?


So; what next?
PhD in US? Starting new company? Marriage?
One simple answer to all these is "I do not know"
What I know is GATE score is a way to enter IIT for doing masters. I do not know if that is the sole thing someone need to get into IIT; especially for MS-Research program. I do not see any "GEEK" here. If someone call me so; they can come and visit IIT to meet more of that species. Salary; current upper limit from campus has gone up to 28Lakhs per annum. Sorry; I did not do research in salaries to give a statistics and give a "powerpoint" on it. 5.Someone? Yeah; if we take an average it will be 5.someone percentage of "women" category. "girls may come in the some1 category" . Of course we do not sleep when we are awake; watching endless movies from LAN; playing; chatting; blogging!!! and if you ever happen to see the rush in mess at 830-930 time in morning; you know well that we do not sleep. My hobbies include "bird watching".
Indian Pitta
But there are not enough birds in IIT, to do a research on it. :(
What next? Hmm!! same old question. Same old answer. Rather it is a coincidence that I got the offer from Robert BOSCH on 19th; which turned out to be a dramatic one. This post is not big enough to contain that story.
Instead of all these; I have one "not so frequently asked or never asked question"
Is IITians passionate about what they do? I could see a few people who fall in that category. But I am bit lazy; still confused on doing publication business versus experiments which may work in reality. I wished I could do better.

I wonder how different is current system; which forced us to learn things without even excited about them. Especially I felt I missed so much of mathematical fun when I completed reading "Fermat's last theorem" by Simon Singh.

It can be rather called as a history of mathematics from Pythagorian schools to modern mathematics. I was wondering; why we do not have history of mathematics or science as the way they invented. I do not know if things were there in curriculum; it might have been a better way. At least it could ignite some young minds who may become another Fermat or Andrew Wiles or a Feynman who could observe things as a passion than mere way to get degrees.


Nesmel said...

grt learnings.. how abt unlearnings.? a blog for that wud be much appreciated.

Gireesh said...

Yes daa, there are a few incidents which I should write about.
But putting up and sequencing need some more time :=)