Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome to Bangalooru, my dear

So what made me write something on valentine's day eve? A lady sitting beside me in a nice T shirt and blue jeans with a brass bracelet in her right hand and a silver color watch on her left hand. She should be around 21, not a regular book reader, having a nice sence of fashion especially in light ornaments (like platinum) and aesthetic eye on things
She tried to keep her elegance even while she was desperately trying to sleep. Beautiful eyes wide open with a nice smile on her face, she is talking in my mother tongue (ob not to me ), what (else) I can do?

My thoughts went back to the Post iit era, which had a breath taking kickoff. Literally I was running around to finish off the formalities with no time to breath.
The rules are so simple like chicken-egg problem between department and hostel management
On the other side Bangalore was not ready to receive me. The HR lady was not returning my calls or emails. What I had was just a letter to report on thursday. Temporarily destination was set as abhilash's room. Poor him, I have not taken his photos despite 2 months stay at Bangalore

At bosch they hardly had any clue of me joining. That was a Thursday. That weekend I bought a cycle for commuting and took a small hall kitchen for stay. Thought it was a geat day. Oohhaa.. not that great. Bangalore was just starting her magic on me. With a great vanishing act, my mobile disappeared from my hand in no time. That was her way of saying "welcome to Bangalore, dear"

She again tested my patience with a broadband connection application? In my village it may be a fortnight to get it done. But in bangalore 3km away from forum mall, I did not get it in a month. Bsnl and airtel said they can't give connection. Finally I went for the 3G from BSNL. I slowly getting realized that I am in civilization after years of life in academic environment.
With not much work from company and no internet at home it was a different lifestyle altogether. On weekends I was either shuttling to chennai or trying to go out, covering nandi hills, Sravan balagola, musical fountain and bangalore air show till date.
This is the return shuttle from Chennai where I reserved a window seat and in the train, realized that it was not "w". Then again music chair thing gave me a window seat (but there was no window :() and that is how I ended up sitting beside her.

Time pass by and I was taking a candid photo (though not to complement mathew's new efforts for the same during his trek last day).
A glance to the pages she was flipping through, made me a smile. The pages containing valent's day special articles finally landed in" my husband ejacuates before I even getting started" to 'my stomach is still flabby after..... ". Aah that made me remembering reading femina while I was in govt arts college, doing my pre-degree. As they say" magazines like femina and vanitha" are most subscribed by men" ;-)
The next topic was coorg where she actually belong to. Virajpet to kannur is like come in the morning and go back in the evening, in her words. Another phone came in and another break.
Did I miss an essential app in FaceBook? Coz I had an unsuccessful attempt to find her profile and thought" WTF, why don't FB have a photo search instead of name search"? Dear FB my name has to be in your patent if this thing really comes out ;-)

Finally at cantonment station, she left while I was thanking the indian railway for a not so boring feb13 evening.

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