Monday, June 6, 2011

lazy and legacy

What is it like being lazy?
While I was in IITM, there was no much difference in a weekday from a weekend. I never used to plan ahead for weekends. When I joined Bosch, I started realising the "week" and "weekend" concepts. Every Thursday/Friday I used to hear "what plans?" and every Monday "how was the weekend?"

Trying out things which were never tried so far is one thing I started. Cycling on Sundays or short trips with photography is what looked like "my weekends". An interesting fact I noticed was that many a time I used to hear lazy weekend, slept off, movies etc. With a bad pain in my ankle coupled with back pain which prolonged for more than a month; I could also say similar things.

At the same time I wanted to restart learning violin, learn kannada; travel at least one weekend in a month. Nothing really worked so far. From the previous post; where I was describing about "paying forward", I am also becoming someone who is lazy.

There was a time when I felt pity about people who are "high ranked" acted in a strange manner. For example; people complaining that "linux is very difficult" or "I do not know how to use power point for presentations". I literally hated such people who are gifted, spent their effort and time to reach there and after a while "get used to" the system. They resist any changes or depend on others for getting the "job done". I used to wonder, how such an attitude can come. I used to call them "legacy". For me, such people are those who inevitably destroy the synergy and positiveness by not adapting and getting accustomed to the current systems.

The answer to the questions came from a month's rest (rust) where I hardly did any learning. Nothing literally creative. Not even trying to do something different.
This is something I should be ashamed of. I have been given an opportunity to be a part of a great university of India. And I am not doing anything to pay that forward.

Though in a hard way; I learned how to be legacy. Only thing I am wondering is will I also start saying things like

"oh, I did not get time " "I wanted to do, but you know"
at the same time having lazy weekends


Nesmel said...

welcome to the club of xtra-ordinary gentlemen.!

Nesmel said...

welcome to the club of xtra-ordinary gentlemen...! the emphasis is on ordinary...!!!