Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The struggle for betterment

Well, this is supposed to be posted on 15th of august, but better late than never. What I write here is my voice (Mera aawaaz). I could not post it on 15th, since I was travelling through mangalore on that day. Let me start from the Aug 15 of this year. We, a group of 8 were at kaup beach near udupi, Karnataka. After many years, I was attending a flag hoisting ceremony.

Then we walked to the beach. As usual the roads were dirty with so much of plastic waste. A while after we reached, a big group of school children came with the teachers. They were there to clean the beach as a part of Independence day celebrations. I was happy to see such initiatives. As I always believe, we don't expect everyone to continue this culture of keeping the public places clean; but it sends a message to all. If one out of 100 such children could make it a part of his/her life; it is well and good.

I was wondering about the attitude of the mass. People started protests supporting Anna. I am really happy for what he stands and no offences to the supporters, including my close friends. I really don't believe that India is that worst in corruption compared to other countries. I should say that heights of corruption in US may be to such an extend along with the biased media that the common public won't even realise what is happening

Here I need to ask a question. It is a re-post from my thoughts sometime back on Jan-Lokpal bill and Anna. Out of all these big talks, how many are really ready to take it as part of their life? How many people does not violate rules? No high expectations, but even simple traffic rules?
Will you bribe 100 rupees for the police for a rule violation or will you ask for receipt? Will you really stop littering or even try to carry a waste bag, collect the waste you are creating and put it in next dust bin?
A lot of questions I have, but in one sentence can "we" have a better civic sense which comes as a part of our culture?

I wish I could make a positive effect at least to the people around me and pray that let god give courage to stop me if I am wrong.

To end this I would like to quote one note from Gandhiji, our father of nation.

"Be the change you want to see".

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Ideas... said...

Right, it is very easy to preach, but when it comes to action in day to day basis, people shun away from reponsilities.