Friday, September 16, 2011

Engineer by profession

They tease me, make me afraid at times, but that is what inspired me to be persistent when I felt the world has turned upside down. I was actually puzzled again, for I got a comment that "my persistence is scary". Still I persist, for those who looked beyond the scary, high air nature and made me believe that I can. The first and foremost persons being my parents.

I remember, my father taking me to Kanakakkunnu palace and Nishagandhi, through the Museum-Zoo road to see Onaghosham. By 7th standard, I could read English and probably at that time, by reading the board which stood near to this Nishagandhi-Muzeum-Kanakakkunnu area, "Institute of Engineers" made me puzzled. At that time I know what a mason/carpenter/painter/plumber/mechanic/police/doctors does. But I hardly had a clue on what "Engineer" does. I think someone explained me that these are people who "makes vehicle/construct dams". "Oh, what is big difference between them with mason or or mechanic?"

Well I did not know the answer at that time. Don't ask me if I know it now :P. But by profession and by degree, I am that.

The passion or craze to do things is the start. Then "bad experiences and failures", follows, where you feel "u r n deep shit". From this point if u persist and make it work, that may be called as engineering (my own defn... please don't jump on me and stamp me for this). Software engineers are special category in this. They create "bugs", follow them with "mouse" and smile when they see others also running with "baygon and hit". I still like to be crazy, jump in deep pits and then come back to tell "f***", I should not have done that.

When I see the outcomes of such craziness, which forms different shapes and becomes a part of human life, improving the difficulties we face and make us enable writing this blog or interact with people around the world, to help and to stand each other, I feel to be proud of a "software engineer".

Belated "happy engineers day"

Oooooops!!! This day differes in different countries. Another craziness :-)

India celebrates it in memoirs of Visweswaraya of Mysore. (VTU and Visweswaraya Technical Muzeum of Bangalore are named after him).

Monday, September 5, 2011


Today September 5, birth day of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan or Teacher's day. I think for the first time after 2004, I did not receive any "happy teacher's day" message. Luckily saw the placards in the hands of kids going to schools. Wished my professor and a few of my old colleagues.

Afternoon lunch was with the "family people". Today's topic was somehow on the "struggles" of parents for giving education to the kid. Should I call it interesting or scary I am not sure, but it seems like there is a lot of activities going on in schools. One such interesting exercise is to do "cultivation". What the ....?
So my colleague explained the modern cultivation. Make a base with waterproof paper, make a small layer of mud over it in the shape of Kid's name. Then make sprouts over it. "Spray water".
I have heard of DPEP (District Primary Education Program) where students are encouraged to do group activities and assignments. But this was something new. Also there were discussions on "good schools" in Bangalore. I was curious to know what could be the answer. Came back and searched for the same. To one school which was named "the best", I just checked the fee structure and felt that I am out of place (as always), wondering is it just a nightmare or a reality.

Kindergarten - About Rs. 1.35 Lakhs.


I could not figure out what can a kid aged 3 can do with that much money. That too "education".

Thanks to the vision and planning people like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru without which I might not have studied from my first standard till Masters. It should be noted that, if Tatas and Birlas did think of educating their children and only thought about them; we might have missed some of the best schools in the world namely Indian Institute of Science (Formerly Tata Institute of Science), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) and Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS Pilani).

I am also proud of the Maharajas of Travencore for their service to the people in south kerala. This family has started institutions like
  • Kerala University where Einstein was invited as the first Vice Chancellor to which Einstein replied stating that his health is not good enough
  • SreeChitra Medical Centre (which is one of the finest research institute in the world and contributed the lightest heart valve)
  • College of Engineering Trivandrum
  • Government Arts college (where people like K R Narayan studied. I was fortunate enough to study there)
  • Medical College Trivandrum

I take a bow for those who enlightened and ignited the generations with wisdom and showed the alternate paths to choose from

PS: Heard that kids assignments and affordable fees can positively control the birth rate

"Education means that process by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, and intellect is sharpened, as a result of which one can stand on one’s own feet."
...... Swami Vivekanda