Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another (ordinary) day

Days pass by. Sometimes they notify you, some itch you and some are so feeble to make an impression. It is 11 months since I left IIT and still enjoying the fruits of the life there. But the quest for change and do better, I tried to keep it alive.

At times I wonder what I stand for exhibits the true self. It is like "to be me" or to be me through someone else's eyes. It is rather puzzling, I know and I try to keep telling to myself "so far I enjoyed the life as it comes and it was always pleasant and gave a lot of surprises". Those were well balanced with good and bad.
impressions.. whether u like it or not, some lasts longer!!!

One thing I still have to gain control over is the volatile reaction as if I can improve things if the surroundings co-operated a bit. Then comes an argument back in my mind that, raising the voice for something I believe right; is a good thing. The question still remains "should I polish the reactions and pour out with a bit of honey?" If I do so, will my voice be ignored? I don't know. And I don't think anyone else would know it either because we can't walk back and try the other.

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