Tuesday, December 13, 2011

solitude walker

"Hey, am still here, very near to you. Still I feel your voice is dissolved in the sounds of the waves!!!! What is it, that is so buried in you? Wish that to be a seed which thrust itself to come out to make a greener life", she said.

That was a wake up call. Wish it is better to be alone for some more time, to enjoy the silence. With a smile he said "did you see how blue the sea is? They say, the more blue it is, the more deep and dangerous it can be"

"I should believe this blue sci-fi?! Better be poetical".

"I rather like to be philosophical. There is a saying that no calm sea made a good sailor. That is something I believed and still believe. Whenever I spend time on beaches, it always come to me with a lot of inspiring waves of thoughts"

"mm... I used to wonder, how stubborn you are, bit boring at times. From outside, you are quite jovial and pleasant. But the more I try to learn you, either I hit the rocks or you end it with your usual smile. Why is it always complicated with you?"

" well, I may not have a clear cut answer to that. As I said, life was bit different just as everyone claims. I might have developed a taste of refusing to be like others, preferring to be on the tougher side of the sea, wandering around. And I enjoy being different and being unquestioned"

walks: to forget and forgive

"Oh! the solitude walker philosophy."

"May be!!!"

"Most of the people like to be in a flow. When you swim across, people think you are not their type. May be that attitude is what made me to be with you"

"Ahh! ! people in a flow always resist changes. Attitude to swim across made many people angry, making me arrogant/boring ..whatever!!! "

"Okay mr arrogant, we may go back now. It is getting late"

Though he wished to hear the voices of the waves, he said "let's go"

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