Sunday, September 23, 2012

Can I do better?

What am I doing?
Is this what I wanted?

Can I do better?
Better I mean in terms of more creative than monetory.
There has been quite a bit of thoughts went on after my degree from IIT Madras.
To be frank, I do not know if I can do better; as in I am not so sure on the paths to choose.

Let me start with a story. This is again my own version of a story I heard in childhood.
Here a guy asks a lazy man simply sleeping on a "working day".

"hey; why do not you work?"
"for what?"
"for money, of course"
"and then?"
"marry a nice girl"
"and then?"
"make more money"
"and then?"
"buy a house"
"and then?"
"have children?"
"and then?"
"make more money"
"and then?"
"get the children married and settled"
"and then?"
"retire and peacefully and lazily sleep"

"to peacefully and lazily sleep, do you really need to take this path?
what difference does it make from my current state?"

I think there are many ways in which I can approach this conversation.
For me it had different meaning at different phases of my life.
The green side of life!!!

The question to be asked is what do I really want? Yeah, earning "more" money conveys "better" living standards, healthy environment.
    Eating things which are "junk",
    living in BEST APPARTMENT in a dirty polluted city
    and shuttling to hometown in a high class a/c bus.

Are these the definition of higher/better living standard? Or is it just virtue of our own ego which is impulsed by the advertisements and the concept of industries on post-world war? This was something I was thnking over and over again. Post world-war industries; when they got up opening markets world wide; the equation was to do highest turn over.  Do convince the people to buy again, though they may not need it. Or it is like making the people buy consumer electronics to car like they buy groceries. Reduce the life cycle and market more.

I don't know if I had to call it a long run; but over next 50 years; this will cause  exploitation of the resources than fruitfully using things for a longer period. I wonder; when I retire; will I be able to tell the next generation that previous two generations were pretty awful who did not think but just ran like ants pulling the food without any direction.
It is painful to think; if this is what I want to support? Or can I do better?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Being Viral

In my childhood, I read a statement that  US citizens may vote for anything including "can sun rise in the west?" and even debated on it.  It may be exaggerating , but  I could get a feel of the mentality they have had, as well as the irresponsible news media there.  A few years back,  I  attended a talk on data mining to be applied to the internet to see what is "trending" (Data mining is a method of extracting information from huge piles of data).   The highlight of the talk was "how it could be used as a tool in Indian elections".  The presenter was hired by political parties (or government of India, which I don't remember) to see the effectiveness of the campaign  and to know the talk in the town. He also mentioned about "viral marketing" and how negative marketing is used in spreading a theme by showing an example of Wilbur Sargunaraj.   Though I did not believe in its effectiveness, it was an eye opener for me. 

Every rulers of the nations sustain by playing with emotions of the mass. Fear and apathy in one side and entertainment in the other side. Some of the terror attacks we hear  to the IPL shows that India is not behind. It is funny to see the eductated, cultured white collar mass out there is very easily injected by all these. Indian media and news papers are just playing their roles to make more circulation by creating controversies.

Today, dwelling in the space of social networks, my conscience tells me that the "virality" has put forth a wreath on the Indian media as well on reporting what is true. Perhaps this thought is a heresy to  "the mass opinion". But I must say that it is the profound sadness on the loss of rational thinking from the so called "educated" mass.

Recent trends on the topics discussed over the past few months on social networks:
  • Mulllaperiyar Dam Issue (How could people think that two governments would just gamble with the population? It will be a death bell for them) 
  • Supporting Anna Hazare (As I mentioned once in facebook, how can someone support a movement without being truthful to it?). 
  • Gandhiji dancing with a girl (People don't even have the common sense to check the authenticity of this. The picture portrays him as if he was dancing but he was actually being received by  a model)
  • Fight in name of  god (human gods as well). (.....  :-o )
  • Extrapolating historical facts with no supporting evidence (or quote Wikipedia :-O ) 
Comments to "in 1927, Annie Besant conveyed gandhiji that, satyagraha could be the misused by people in free india"

People lingering around these social networks do not realize that they are "well used" by the "trend creators" and  mostly become victims of viral marketing by the non-ethical "smart" MBAs or manipulators.

I know that the mass does not heed to these facts. They seem to be too smart (phoned) to know what exactly is happening and react "well" with lots of emoticons. May be they are too good to be creative and are just copycats to exhilarate themselves.