Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3 Years cycling in Bangalore

Well, it is in December 2010 I joined Bosch. On the second day of joining, I bought an Act 110 Plus. Coming from Chennai, where cycling for five minutes makes you sweat a lot, Bangalore was like heaven. I have been cycling since then, missed around 6 months due to German classes and laziness.

When I started cycling, I have been to Nandi Hills  with Yousuf and Abhilash (my friends from IIT Madras), some weekend trips to Chika Thirupati and  3 day Kodai Cycling with Guru and  Adi. This wass apart from my daily commute to office.  Though I had a helmet back in 2011 Feb, I found it gave an alienated effect while I was cycling. Thanks to the  "poshness" brought in to the "green cycling" where the "IT Guys" buy cycles (oops Bikes) costing 50K to 1 Lakh and the campaigns by CycleDay-Bangalore, I can use helmet which creates a bit of sanity in the insane motor-commuters.

For past three months I was tracking my daily-commuting in Endomondo


One of the best


  1. Wearing a helmet and nice goggle is essential . Afterall when you cycle daily and have a fit 6 packs, why not get some attention from the girls 
  2. Your speed is 40KMPH does not matter, the assholes will try to corner you to the edge of the road. In most of the cases, they want to take the left turn and you want to keep the middle line to go straight
  3. The best way to drive is to keep that 20KMPH. You still beat the Bangalore traffic, but the tendency of assholes to overtake you is less. 
  4. In general, keep your speed slightly higher than your overall average. Why hurt your knee by overspeeding and breaking abruptly.
  5.  You have a tough time avoiding the bus stops. Mostly the BMTC buses and the private shuttles will occupy two lines. If there is a third line, you have a tough time going past the buses. 
  6. Most of the "free workshops" like the ones  in Cylce-day is just advertising campaign. We  may learn better things from youtube. 
  7. Have a repairing kit. Most of the workshops, though they does not do good job; are excellent in taking money. Some even charged 40 rupees for single puncture repair.


Nesmel Hussain said...

Way to go...more roads to conquer... clickety clack... clap clap clap...

but was expecting more oomph factor to the blog.. page3 shtyle.. but was disappointed...

Gireesh said...

Yeah.. way to go... It essentially keeping my weight in control while I eat well :D

Got bored of page 3 style. Just changes in the attitude and tastes, may be.