Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sachin and Binny, I can offer better solutions for "better flipkart" experience

I respect you guys. Seriously. You have achieved something great.
I have received the "requirement specification" here.
I have converted them in to three problem statements
  1. I can automate alert mechanisms to detect if a product is routed farther from delivery.  This saves a lot of time and money for you, sir. 
  2. I can replace some (if not all) your customer-support with a robotic reply machine. What it does is pretty simple. Just reply
    •  "I understand your concern. We will deliver things as promised."  
    • "it is on the way and promise that it will reach you by XXX date"
  3. I can add a "go to hell" button to the feedback query instead of "submit" button.

I can deliver all the three and can offer you the third one free of cost. Take it as a "wow, Wednesday offer" from me.
Like the "flipkart guarantee", I promise that these features will be delivered "soon".

Update on requirements  from Flipkart on 19th

Feature additions

4. I can replace the embarrassing statement "will be delivered" to "oops, something went wrong, we are working on it" or "seems like logistics guys had a hangover" message.
5. If the product still available with "same day delivery", a desperate attempt to cancel this order and convert it to the "same day delivery".  (hoping that the statements in  4th will not be repeated)

Update 2 from flipkart : guys, you are the best in providing requirement updates. 

More Features I can offer based on your inputs

6. I can randomize the replies like "it will be delivered soon/ it will be delivered by XX date/ Logistics department is looking in to it".  This is for the replies to delayed deliveries and not to the context of feature 2.
7. I can fix the error that if it is stuck at HSR and out for delivery after 2 days, add a description that "hangover!!! we got stuck for two days".
8. I can fix the date of delivery to be something in present or future than in past.

Concluding remark

Dear flipart, thank you for giving me a chance to show what I can offer you. I feel every user will appreciate this "User Experience (UX)" than your current ones.
I look forward to serve you in future as well, as your team finally delivered it today (by 19th).

Yours sincerely
A Customer

Arrh!!!! the cost and refund 

I did not know flipkart sold ws retail!!! Interesting. 
Also, 10% of 1745 is 174.5 and not 174. 

So, let me calculate the savings I could have done by implementing my feature list. 
1. 10 % of the cost of a mis-matched order. 
2. Almost 2 hours of customer executive's time and the infrastructure cost for the same.

How much does my suggestions worth, Mr Binny and Mr. Sachin? 

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