Saturday, May 30, 2015

IITians of all, should know the difference between an assumption, axioms and theorems before taking over freedom of speech

Every Tom, Dick and Harry can have their own opinion, as the freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed  by our great constitution. At the same time we also have to remind ourselves about these terms (assumption, axiom and theorem) mean. If not, for reference; let me put it in plain English

An assumption is just a statement we make as a starting point for any argument. An  axiom is a premise so evident as to be accepted as true without controversy. Theorem is a statement that has been proven on the basis of previously established statements, such as other theorems—and generally accepted statements, such as axioms

I first came to know about the unrest at IIT Madras from one of our beloved Professor's facebook comment. Later I found some of my friends at IIT-Madras is posting about the same. When Facebook trends picked up this, I understand the "Butterfly effect" has started and things are getting as chaotic as any other "TOIlet sensation".

To be frank, I pity the students who did this, for they got emotions and irrationality in their head instead of scientific methods to prove their  "assumptions".  I also pity the administration for not handling the things by separating the "emotional" and the scientific part and making the "kids" understand the difference between them. Current way of protests from the students and the suppressions from administration is just bringing disgrace to the institution which paved way to a great set of people who loved what they were doing, in the most scientific way.


Vadiraj said...

What has been the IIT adminstration don't knowing the interest that exists ? Also the fact is that most of the folks on IITs have additional 'charge' positive , negative that adds more fuel ..

Gireesan Namboothiri P said...

This was written 2 years back. Still similar stories being repeated.
Majority of IITians do not have hatred and are civilized. But it is the external people who does not have a clue on how the environment inside is. Generalized assumptions and politically motivated hatred being spread on incidents is the biggest problem.